Cheil Grinding Wheel, a living history that has written the history
of the grinding industry over half a century, prepares for a new century.

   For the last 60 years, Cheil Grinding Wheel Industry has contributed to the development of industrialization in the country as the leading maker of grinding wheel industry, which is indispensable to the development of aviation and advanced material industry, as well as steel, shipbuilding, automotive industries that are crucial to national infrastructure. There are only dozens of listed companies in the country that boast more than 60 years of history including the big corporations. Our company is one of them, and it’s made possible by the sweats of Cheil families and encouragement of our customers.

   Backed by continuous change and innovation, we will strive to grow into a leading multinational company by competing with other companies in the international market. We hope that by the time we achieve our 100th anniversary, we will be able to inherit to our next generation the brilliant glory and tradition we have cultivated so far. Furthermore, we promise to set the example and become the pride of the small- and medium-sized companies in Korea with our long history, and we sincerely express our gratitude to everyone for your support and encouragement.

We will make a new history in our pursuit towards the 100th anniversary, empowered by our relentless efforts and guided by our mission to pioneer the innovation of the grinding industry.

Oh, Yu-in, CEO of Cheil Grinding Wheel Industry Co., Ltd