Cheil Grinding Wheel’s R&D Center

Having founded in 1993, the R&D Center strives to develop various products such as vitrified grinding wheel and resinoid grinding wheel, among others.

It also seeks to improve the qualities of existing products.

R&D Cetner


Type Product
Cut-Off Wheels Long Lifespan & High Elasticity Super Thin Cut-off Wheel (4", 5", 7")
Large size cut-off wheels for Cutting Steel Bars and Pipes (610 - 1,270 mm)
General Cutting Wheel for fast cutting (14” & 16,” peripheral speed 80 m/s)
Specimen Cutting Wheel (14” & 16”)
Rail Cutting Wheel (14”)
Depressed Center Wheels Flexible DISC(4" #36~#80)
Depressed Center Wheel for Nickel Steel grinding (4” & 7”)
Super-Abrasive Grinding WheelsHigh Speed CBN Wheel for CAM shaft Grinding
CBN ORG ( On-Line Roll Grinding ) Wheel
Precision Grinding WheelBall Bearing Grinding Wheel ( Resin & Vit )
Snagging WheelSlab & Billet Grinding Wheel
Rough PolishingResinoid Grinding Wheel for Cast Metals

Main R&D Equipment

DivisionEquipment NameModel NameApplication
AnalysisSEM & EDSVEGA3 LMHObserving the micro surface and analyzing the ingredients
Digital MicroscopeVHX-S90FObserving the components of raw materials and products
TG DSCSTA 449 F5 JupiterAnalyzing the TG and DSC
Particle Size AnalyzerLS 13 320MWExamining the particles of powdered raw and sub-material
Automatic Specimen CutterBESTTOME T200Cutting the precision specimen
Heating MicroscopeMisura 50/16Measuring the refractoriness and contact angle of vitrified bond
Micro Beakers DurometerFM-700Measuring the hardness of materials and workpiece
TestHigh Temperature FurnaceSiC Elevator FurnaceSintering Vit Test Sample
Tube FurnaceMuffle Tube FurnaceSintering samples
Thermo-hygrostatBPHS-120AEvaluating the resin products
Hot Air Drying OvenSH-SHFDO150MEvaluating the intensity of hot air
Universal Testing MachineDTU-900MHAEvaluating the strength of products
High Speed Rotating Test MachineME-500-270Evaluating the product safety
Ø610 CutterIndependently producedEvaluating the performance of large size cut-off wheel
Machining CenterSPT-V600Evaluate the grinding performance
Heavy-Duty Grinding Test MachineIndependently producedGrinding Test of of high hardness products